“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.”​


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About us

In Today’s world, technology continues to change and advance at a rapid rate. This can be difficult for companies whose competence and efficiency heavily relies on having the best and most advanced technology. The window of time for every business to change and adapt, shrinks each year as new technology is released faster than ever before and in order to stay competitive, companies must learn how to integrate these changes and advancements in their production and service cycles. Companies that adapt quickly to new technologies gain a foothold on the market. But companies that wait for a second or third wave fall behind and struggle to compete with their rivals. Technology consumption has undergone a paradigm shift over the past few years with the fast advancements in digital media & data and the multitude of options available. Large company pushing only off-the-shelf technology to market all of their solutions are left behind. A technology boutique tries to make custom solutions for both small and large companies offering only custom solutions.
3BLACK is owned and managed by an Aerospace Engineer and a cyber security specialist. We help technology vendors and consumers interact with each other and realize maximum value and custom made solutions.
We are a team of experienced professionals from fields such as IT, Aerospace, Networking and Scientific Research. Our mission is to provide custom made technology solutions to various clients.
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Pride in Each Service


We approach every problem as a standalone project with a dedicated team that can assure its completion. Every project that comes our way is treated by the newest and best project management standards.



it consulting

We provide all the latest technologies and the best experts for your organization to achieve its business objectives in a high-tech manner.



EU, Public, and Private Funding solutions constitute one of the main pillars of 3Black. We approach every project to enable companies and organizations to unlock funding opportunities through various financial channels of the EU institutions and other private entities.



TAILOR-MADE hardware and software

Hardware and software tailor-made solutions are one of our core businesses. Our solutions meet the client’s needs in the chosen technology mix and the budget department.



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Having vast experience and solving too many issues through the years, some of our projects have become stand-alone products.

SkyGis is an complex GIS  database system for flight research data. SkyGis represents the best solution as flight registry and more.

Excel or any other table calculus software is very widespread in usage in various domains. Using and distributing a spreadsheet to colleges or partners is made through various insecure, unreliable, and unsafe methods. “The incredible app” solves the problem of distribution of that excel file in a fast and reliable way.

You can make whatever you want:

·         Attendance lists

·         Project tasks

·         Projects status

·         Income/expenses

·         Etc

Using an excel app to make crucial information widely available and secure through user/password authentication and the file cannot be edited by the recipient.

IRMA (Integrated Research Management Application) is the Research Management System (RMS) that can be adopted by all organizations to manage its research activities and outputs.
IRMA has a unique approach and can provide research output and showcases our researchers’ works to the world,
IRMA has been designed to create the appropriate reports in the correct format for all the management needs. Research data collected by IRMA is forwarded to a web portal so that the organization’s outputs are accessible to the wider research community. The IRMA system offers several modules including Publications, Contracts and Grants, Projects and Reporting.